Cambium Realty

We chose the name "Cambium" Realty for a reason.   Cambium is the part of the tree below the bark that is responsible for new growth.   Since many clients of Cambium Realty are going through some growth phase in their lives, we felt it fitting to our company.   Every time we hear that name, it reminds us how important the growth phase is to our clients and therefore how hard we must work to make that transition as easy as possible.

My Client-First Philosophy

As the broker and owner of Cambium Realty, it is my obligation to you to make the home buying process as seamless as possible.   With all of the uncertainty in today's ever changing market, it is important to have faith in your Realtor.   I offer low pressure sales approach to my clients, but a strong negotiating presence toward your intended home.  Personally, I am invested in the Chicago real estate market by owning and maintaining local rental properties.   No one understands the inner workings of all aspects of real estate like I do.  Firsthand experience really is key.   In my opinion, one of the most important ways to feel comfortable in today's market is education.  I enjoy educating clients and will answer any and all questions you have in a very timely manner.   No one knows your strengths like your past clients, so don't take "my words" for it, take a moment to read their reviews of my service.   And then, together, we'll get you one step closer to your dream home in the Plainfield, Naperville, Aurora, Oswego, Lisle, Wheaton, Warrenville, North Aurora areas.   When you are ready, please contact me.