The Ultimate way to get the most money for your home...  from home preparation to check in hand!!

 "Will you put a sign in the yard and an ad in the paper, and then never hear from you again..."   NO!


 We all know that simply placing a sign in the yard is not the best way to get you the most money for your home.   It takes a combined effort of many advertising methods and home preparation to attract the right buyers.


"Lets face it, it's all about getting a buyer to choose your home!"


All of the preparation, home staging, and marketing doesn't matter if you don't attract buyers.   Attracting buyers to your home is our top priority.   We do this through many steps:

  • Allowing potential buyers to see your home as if it was their own
  • Making sure that buyers interested in homes like yours are aware that you are selling



 "How do I get the most money for my home in this market?"


This is probably just as critical as anything else.   Setting a proper list price requires all aspects of home selling to work together to get you the most money for your home.

  • Know your competition
  • Know what improvements will get you the best return on investment
  • Know current absorption rates in your area
  • Know where to draw the line with improvements

   ***Many of these questions can be answered with a FREE NO OBLIGATION Market Snapshot Report - Click here to start.



"How much will this cost me?"


Much less than you think!   First it is important to know some of the upfront costs associated with selling a home on your own.   Before you go and spend your hard earned money up front and devote many many hours to marketing and preparing your home, make sure you have an accurate comparison of selling a home yourself versus hiring a Realtor to guide you through the process.  

When properly chosen, you will find hiring a Realtor will provide professional help for often little more than struggling with it on your own AND the upfront costs are covered by the Realtor!




"How will I let potential buyers in my home?"


After all of the cleaning, marketing, etc... you still have to let a stranger walk through your home!!!   before anyone will consider making an offer.  By working with a Realtor, you can be assured those potential buyers are toured through your home with a professional.   At Cambium Realty, we use highly secure electronic lock boxes that record all accesses and can only be accessed the times that you choose.  


"Once I get an offer, now what do I do?"


Dealing with scheduling the inspection, closing, appraisal, and all of the other elements of taking a offer to closing can be overwhelming.   Having a professional help with these closing procedures can often save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in some cases!  



"Should I fix that leaky faucet before showing my home to potential buyers?  What improvements should I make before listing my home for sale?"


If you want buyers to view your home as a fixer upper, go ahead and leave it...  BUT if you want the most money for your home at closing, you need to know what to fix, what to improve and what is normal condition for your home.   Working with a Realtor who tours homes on a daily basis will provide you with a source of suggested repairs and improvements to give you the best return on your investment.   Good advise coupled with cost effective handymen and tradespeople keep the most money in your pocket.



"So it makes sense to talk to a Realtor, why should I choose you?"


You can see by now that it makes sense to talk to a Realtor before attempting to sell your home.   When it comes to hiring a Realtor, make sure to check the following:

  • Past Customer Testimonials - Click here for our Reviews.
  • Non performance Guarantee - Will they cancel the contract if you are not satisfied?
  • Competitive Commission Rates - Contact us to discuss our discounted rates.
  • Free Home Evaluation - Contact us to set up an appointment.
  • Professional Team to help with all aspects of selling your home - Will they recommend reliable sources to help prepare your home?

Contact us for a NO HASSLE Evaluation of your home for sale.   You will enjoy discounted commissions and top notch performance *Guaranteed*


Just look at our other listings and compare for yourself.  








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